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Harp and Hammer:

Celtic and Germanic Heathen Dialogue

Celtic and Germanic Heathen Dialogue
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This community is for dialogue and research sharing between Celtic Traditional and Reconstruction Pagans of various traditions and Germanic-Norse Heathens of various traditions.

What we wish to do with this community:

1. To share historical information about the various interactions between Pre-Christian Germanic and Celtic peoples in Northern Europe.

2. To develop discuss and develope religious syncretism that have a vertified historical precedent between the various Pre-Christian Northern peoples.

3. To advance the modern Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans/Polytheists and Heathen communities' mutual interests with the larger Pagan community.

4) To correct misconceptions about Northern Pre-Christian cultures.

5) To explore the common Indo-European roots of Iron Age, Northern European cultures.

What we do not wish to do:

1) To encourage appropriative eclecticism or a-historical syncretism.

2) To slander other religious groups or eclectic pagans.

3) To continue perpetuating a homogenized and/or romantic view of Germanic and Celtic cultures.

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